Why is Rhetoric Required?

It’s simple: We know how important writing and speaking well are for any career path you choose. 

Employers tell us that the top skill they’re looking for when hiring is good communication skills. They want you to know how to present your ideas. They want you to persuade people that their company (or nonprofit organization or government agency or . . . ) is the best at what they do. So excellent writing and speaking skills—what universities call “rhetoric”—will set you apart from your peers in the job market and help you succeed. 

Our job is to help you be ready for your job. 

In the rhetoric classroom:

  • We’ll teach you how to find and make sense of information about the world around you, from books and pop culture to science and art. 
  • We’ll show you how to write clear, persuasive papers and give great presentations, so you can succeed in college and in your career.
  • We’ll guide you in contributing to discussions and social debates, knowing what arguments work (or don’t work) and why.  

Clear thinking, good argument, and logical discussion are essential to academic student success in any discipline and field. The better your essays, the better your grade. The stronger your presentation, the greater your academic success. The more you understand how to criticize and analyze what you read and study, the stronger your education. And the stronger your job and graduate school applications, the better your chances at reaching your goals as an Iowa graduate.

The University of Iowa rhetoric faculty can't wait to help you build your skills as you build your future!