Doug Trank Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring

The Doug Trank Memorial Award (for short) is awarded annually to the instructor who combines key characteristics of our late former Department Chair, former President of Central States Communication Association, and former President of the Iowa Communication Association.  Doug was well known for his dedication to teaching and for his human warmth, kindness, sense of humor and skill as a mentor.  The award is therefore named the Doug Trank Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring and although teaching excellence is rewarded in other ways in the department and the UI, the combination of teaching and care for students is the essential hallmark of both the nominees and the winners of this award. 

Previous winners:

2023-Sarah Barringer and Zane Larson

2021-Jamie Chen and Will Jennings

2020-Victoria Le-Sweatman and Mark Rheaume

2019-Caroline Cheung

2018-Brady Krien

2016-Nicole Balin, Chelsea Burk, and Anna Williams

2015-Heidi Renee Aijala