Sound Recording Subvention Requests

Recognizing that the cost of sound recordings sometimes falls at least partially on the shoulders of the scholar, the Office of the Vice President for Research provides funding to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for subventions. These funds are prioritized for items essential to the production of the recording such as hall rental, engineering and mastering, obligatory distribution costs, and permissions/royalties. Generally, the maximum award will be $7,500 for a single project. A list of previously awarded subventions can be viewed here.


Full-time CLAS tenure-track or tenured faculty, clinical faculty, and lecturers for whom research, scholarship, and/or creative activity in music composition and performance are assigned as one of their primary job responsibilities are eligible for sound recording subvention.


Applications are reviewed twice per year. Applications are due to your DEO on October 1, and March 3. DEOs must submit prioritized applications to CLAS by October 8, and March 10.

Application guidelines

  1. Your Request: Write a proposal in which you
    • State the working title and describe the musical content of the recording.
    • Briefly describe the process to be used in making the recording.
    • Provide a detailed budget (e.g., hall rental, engineering and mastering, royalties, permissions, etc.).
    • Indicate any other pending or confirmed sources of funding.
    • If applicable, describe the appropriateness and stature of the label or distribution platform through which you plan to publish the recording.
    • Briefly summarize the recording’s potential significance to the field.
  2. Department Approval
    • Email the request and any pertinent supporting documents to your DEO (In PDF or Microsoft Word format) for approval.
    • The DEO should write an endorsement of the request, including:
      1. The departmental financial contribution
      2. The importance of the recording to the field
      3. The importance of the recording to the applicant's academic career
  • The DEO should forward the application materials to Gabbie McDermott in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean's Office, ( / 7-4250).
  1. Proposals will be prioritized according to the following criteria:
    • The project’s originality and potential contribution to the field
    • How the project supports the core creative work of the applicant and contributes to the applicant’s career development (i.e. visibility and stature in the field)