Minor in Religion & Media


The minor in Religion and Media is an excellent course of study for students interested in the importance of religion in public life, the digital humanities, and the shaping role of media in public and religious culture.  The Religion and Media minor emphasizes the study of religion and the study of media in contemporary culture.


  • 18 s.h., including 12 s.h. in courses taken at The University of Iowa
  • At least 6 s.h from Communication Studies
  • At least 6 s.h. from Religious Studies
  • Minimum g.p.a. of 2.00 in courses completed for the minor


The following categories lay out the coursework required for the 18 s.h.

Area A. Methods and Approaches in Media Studies (3 s.h.)

COMM:1168 Media, Music, and Culture                                                            3 s.h.

COMM:1174 Media and Society                                                                         3 s.h.

Area B. Methods and Approaches in Religious Studies (3 s.h.)

RELS:1001 Judaism, Christianity and Islam                                                        3 s.h.

RELS:1015 Religions in a Global Context: The Critical Role of Religion             3 s.h.
in International Affairs                                                                                                         

Area C. Themes of Religion and Media (6 s.h.)

These courses engage specific historical, geographical, and cultural contexts in which a relationship between religion and media is important.

COMM:4153 Magic Machines: Technology and Social Change                           3 s.h.
*Cross-listed as RELS:4153

RELS:2182 Ancient Mediterranean Religions                                                        3 s.h.  

RELS:2272 Religion and Film                                                                                 3 s.h.

RELS:2930 Digital Media and Religion                                                                   3 s.h.
*Cross-listed as COMM:2079

RELS:3524 The Devil in Judaism & Christianity                                                     3 s.h.

Area D. Religion and Media in Context (6 s.h.)

These courses engage specific historical, geographical, and cultural contexts in which a relationship between religion and media is important.

COMM:2080 Public Life in the U.S.: Religion and Media                                        3 s.h.
   *Cross-listed as RELS:2080

COMM:2088 Media and Democracy                                                                        3 s.h.

RELS:2064 Tricksters, Fools and Creators                                                              3 s.h.

RELS:2260 Hard Cases in Health Care Beginning of Life                                       3 s.h.

RELS:2265 Hard Cases in Health Care at the End of Life                                      3 s.h.

RELS:2877 Sport and Religion in America                                                             3 s.h.
   *Cross-listed as SPST:2077

RELS:3243 Early Christianity: From Jesus to the Rise of Islam                                3 s.h.

RELS:3247 Banned from the Bible: Pseudepigrapha & Apocrypha                          3 s.h.
   *Cross-listed as CLSA:3247             

RELS:3276 American Indian Environmentalism                                                        3 s.h.
   *Cross-listed as AINS3276

RELS: 3745 Twentieth-Century African American Religion: Civil Rights to Hip-Hop    3 s.h.

RELS:3834 Arab Spring in Context                                                                               3 s.h.
   *Cross-listed as COMM:3834, JMC:3146, WLLC:3834, and IS:3834


Click here for a worksheet for tracking coursework and petitioning for alternative courses to count toward this minor.


Double Counting of Coursework
When completing the requirements specified for multiple programs of study, such as for a minor, certificate, or major, double counting of course work is limited by the College to 6 s.h.

Residence Requirement
12 s.h. in courses must be taken at The University of Iowa.

For specific inquiries about the Minor in Religion and Media, please contact the following Advisory Board/Faculty:

Michelene Pesantubbee, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Co-Chair   

Jenna Supp-Montgomerie, Co-Chair

Paul Dilley, Member