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Cates, Diana
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Diana Cates

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The major in religious studies enables students to gain cultural competence and develop critical skills necessary for living in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. A degree in religious studies is often added as a second major or a minor to enhance students’ education and training in graduate and professional programs, including medical, business, legal, teaching, and research disciplines.

"I am so thankful for my time learning from the instructors in the Religious Students Department at the University of Iowa! I have carried my passion of learning about religions and cultures with me in my life and continue to use my knowledge in my current work."  Stephanie Yazell, BA 2012

Learning Outcomes

Courses in religious studies aim to help students:

  • understand key religious ideas and major traditions;
  • learn critical approaches to interpreting historical events;
  • apply new knowledge and analytical skills to explain the role of religion in societies;
  • develop critical skills to function in diverse societies and a globalized world; and
  • employ technologies to interpret ancient texts, images, artifacts, and study output of new tools including radio, television, and digital media.

Additional information

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