Religious Studies Course Videos

In the following videos our professors provide a more in-depth look at their courses. 

Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Prof. Paul Dilley

Introduction to Islamic Civilization 
RELS:1130 / HIST:1030
Prof. Ahmed Souaiaia

Living Religions of Asia
RELS:1404, HIST:1610 , ASIA:1040
Prof. Morten Schlütter

Introduction to Buddhism 
RELS:1506, ASIA:1060, HIST:1612
Prof. Morten Schlütter

Happiness in a Difficult World
Prof. Diana Cates

Religious Diversity for Leadership/Entrepreneurship
Profs. Diana Cates & Jenna Supp-Montgomerie

Hard Cases in Healthcare at the Beginning of Life
RELS:2260 / GHS:2260  (Online course)
Prof. Diana Cates

Hard Cases in Healthcare at the End of Life 
RELS:2265  (Online Course)
Prof. Diana Cates

Women in Islam and The Middle East
RELS:2852 / GWSS:2052  (Online Course)
Prof. Ahmed Souaiaia

Digital Media & Religion 
Prof. Jenna Supp-Montgomerie

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