Professor Paul Dilley to Give Talk Thurs, Oct. 7

October 7, 2021 - 4:00pm

Art(iFacts): Colloquium of the Iowa Initiative for Scientific Imaging & Conservation of Cultural Artifacts
X-Ray Micro-CT and the Recovery of Text in Damaged Ancient Manuscripts

Thursday, October 7th at 4pm

DilleyJoin Paul Dilley for the inaugural event in the Arti(Facts) Colloquium series, hosted by the Iowa Initiative for Scientific Imaging and Conservation of Cultural Artifacts (IISICCA). 

This talk will provide an overview of Prof. Dilley's ongoing collaboration with Prof. Brent Seales' lab at the University of Kentucky to use x-ray tomography to read two damaged ancient Christian manuscripts in Coptic, one with a known text (The Acts of the Apostles), the other with an unknown text (the lost Living Gospel of the heretic Mani).  It will address the benefits of collaboration between humanities and STEM disciplines in the edition of texts from enhanced images, and the key role played by conservators in the imagine process. 

The Zoom meeting ID and passcode is below, or you can use this link to join.

Zoom ID: 992 6527 9829 / Passcode: 494915