"Minor Languages: Diaspora, Trauma, & Reading the Ancient World with Maia Kotrosits

March 2, 2022 - 5:00pm

Thank you to Dr. Maia Kotrosits for your great talk!  You will find the recording from this talk on our YouTube page.

Department of Religious Studies Spring 2022 Colloquium Series presents:

Minor Languages: Diaspora, Trauma, and Reading the Ancient World

Wednesday March 2 - 1:30 - 3pm CST via Zoom
with Dr. Maia Kotrosits

KotrositsDescription of Talk:  How do we read for that which hardly appears? This talk will explore diaspora theory and studies of trauma as strategies for navigating the problems and erasures of dominant histories. Building on the work of Rey Chow and Ann Cvetkovich, this talk will specifically address the way dominant languages, grids, and categories render certain experiences ephemeral or insubstantial, and offer a reading of some early Christian texts to illustrate the ways attention to “minor languages” can refigure our pictures of the past.

Bio:  Maia Kotrosits is Research Associate at the Waterloo Institute of Hellenistic Studies (University of Waterloo). She has taught at Denison University, Amherst College, and Union Theological Seminary in NYC. She has authored three monographs and co-authored two others. Her most recent book is The Lives of Objects: Material Culture, Experience, and the Real in the History of Christianity (University of Chicago Press, 2020).

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