Upcoming Faculty Presentations

October 2018

Morten Schlütter will give a talk entitled "On the Evolution of Meditation in Chinese Zen Buddhism,” at Duke University on Wednesday October 3, 3-4:30pm in the Carpenter Room (Rubenstein Library Room 249).

November 2018

Hyaeweol Choi will lead a workshop, "Between the Sacred and the Secular: Christianity as Lived Experience in Modern Korea," to be held at Columbia University on November 6, 2018. Selected papers from the workshop will appear in a special issue of the Journal of Korean Studies for which Hyaeweol Choi will serve as guest editor. 

Hyaeweol Choi will give a keynote address, “A Quiet Revolt: Gender, Conversion and Emotional Communities in Modern Korea,” at the conference on the theme: "Emotions, Culture, and Subjectivity in Korea," George Washington University, 9-10 November, 2018.

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