Faculty Interviews and Presentations

Past Events

September 2021

Sept. 23:  Hyaeweol Choi will take part in "Seeing Asian American Life through the Video Essay". 

November-December 2020

The 2020 American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Meetings were held virtually November 29-December 10, with the following faculty participating:

Dec 1:  Morten Schlütter served as a panelist on the theme: "Old Paths and New Directions in Zen Studies: Celebrating Over Four Decades of Scholarship by Steven Heine" as part of the Society of the Study of Japanese Religions unit.  

Dec 2:  Morten Schlütter responded to the Zen Reading Group theme: "7th Annual Meeting".

Dec 7:  Hyaeweol Choi presented "Zen Buddhist Nuns Go Global" as part of the Religion and Food Unit.

Dec 8:  Kristy Nabhan-Warren presided over a panel on the theme of "Healing and Transformation in Catholicisms across the Latina/o Americas".

Dec 10:  Kristy Nabhan-Warren responded to a panel with the theme: "Thinking American Religious Futures in Landscapes of Production".