Jeremy Fricke

Fricke, Jeremy
MA student

Jeremy Fricke is a second year MA student whose research interests are primarily focused on the intersection of religion and politics in contemporary America. His MA thesis utilizes ethnographic methods to study Nordic Paganism as a snapshot of the white nationalist movement in America, focusing on issues concerning racial and gender identity politics. Jeremy also is interested in the interfaith movement, and constructing innovative and pragmatic ways to prepare future professionals for religious diversity in their future careers.

His undergraduate honors thesis was focused on practical solutions to workplace dilemmas involving religion, suggesting ways to both reduce cost and improve morale in the workplace. Jeremy has won multiple awards for organizational leadership and success, two for coordinating an interreligious organization devoted to engaging the public and promoting more inclusive communities, schools, and workplaces through education of religious studies, and others for leading young professionals.

Jeremy has been a research assistant to construct a “Religious Diversity and Dialogue” certificate, and has been a Teaching Assistant for the following courses: Modern Religion and Culture; The Bible in Film: Hollywood and Moses; and The Bible and the Holocaust.

Courses Taught: 

Modern Religion and Culture - RELS:1224
The Bible in Film: Hollywood and Moses - RELS:2912
The Bible and the Holocaust - RELS:2775