Interested in Religious Studies?

Religion is as old as the human species.  For as long as humans exist, religions will continue to exist, in one form or another.  Traditional religions can seem quite stable, but in fact they are always changing, and novel forms of religion and spirituality are continually emerging.  Today, religion is increasingly active in cyber-space.

The Department of Religious Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs that are designed to help people think in new ways about religion, in all its diversity; how religion operates in people's lives; and how it shapes the communities in which we live.

Please review our current course offerings.

For a glimpse into one of our classes, check out the pictures below, taken during a Modern Religion and Culture section. 

"My students worked together to create their own study guides for their upcoming exam using chalk on the sidewalk.  We had a great time - they were so creative and engaged!  I was so proud of them!"  - Emma Rifai, Grad Student TA for Raymond Mentzer. February 2017.

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