Reproductive Rights Issues in Popular Media: International Perspectives

August 04, 2017
Reproductive Rights Issues in Popular Media book cover
Waltraud Maierhofer

University of Iowa Professor Waltraud Maierhofer has edited a new book, Reproductive Rights Issues in Popular Media: International Perspectives (McFarland).

From the McFarland website:

"'No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.' Almost a century after Margaret Sanger wrote these words, women’s reproductive rights are still hotly debated in the press and among policymakers, while film, television and other media address issues of birth control and abortion to global audiences.

This collection of new essays brings fresh perspectives to the study of family planning, contraception and abortion with a focus on their representation in popular media. Topics include dramas of adoption and abortion, telling the story of the pill, Sanger’s depiction in entertainment media, and a controversy about demographic developments stirred by Carl Djerassi, also known as 'the father of the pill.'"

Maierhofer is a professor in the Department of German in the Division of World Langauges, Literatures and Cultures, part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is also an affiliated faculty member of the Honors Program and International Programs.