Matrix Functions of Bounded Type: An Interplay Between Function Theory and Operator Theory

September 06, 2019
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Raúl E. Curto

Part of the Memoirs of the AMS series, Matrix Functions of Bounded Type: An Interplay Between Function Theory and Operator Theory is co-authored by Raúl E. Curto, Professor of Mathematics and Executive Associate Dean in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; In Sung Hwang of Sungkyunkwan University; and Woo Young Lee of Seoul National University.


In this paper, we study matrix functions of bounded type from the viewpoint of describing an interplay between function theory and operator theory. We first establish a criterion on the coprime-ness of two singular inner functions and obtain several properties of the Douglas-Shapiro-Shields factorizations of matrix functions of bounded type. We propose a new notion of tensored-scalar singularity, and then answer questions on Hankel operators with matrix-valued bounded type symbols. We also examine an interpolation problem related to a certain functional equation on matrix functions of bounded type; this can be seen as an extension of the classical Hermite-Fej ́er Interpolation Problem for matrix rational functions. We then extend the H∞-functional calculus to an H∞+H∞-functional calculus for the compressions of the shift. Next, we consider the subnormality of Toeplitzoperators with matrix-valued bounded type symbols and, in particular, the matrix-valued version of Halmos’ Problem 5; we then establish a matrix-valued version of Abrahamse’s Theorem. We also solve a subnormal Toeplitz completion problem of 2×2 partial block Toeplitz matrices. Further, we establish a characterization of hyponormal Toeplitz pairs with matrix-valued bounded type symbols, and then derive rank formulae for the self-commutators of hyponormal Toeplitz pairs.