How to Use Edit Stations

311B-BCSB Sound Design Studio

311 BCSB Power-Up Procedure

Equipment Rack Master Power

  1. On the left side of the rack there are 2 buttons, by pressing the green button it will provide power to the equipment. The light should turn green (Note: Red means powered off).
  2. Turn on the work surfaces on the table first. (Note: The work surface is the panel on the desk that has faders, knobs, and LCD screen).
  3. Turn on the Wall Monitor remote control POWER and then select INPUT button. (Note: TV HDMI-4 is the Computer, TV HDMI-3 is the Blu-Ray Player).
  4. Turn on the Mac Pro computer and make sure TV input on remote is HDMI-4.


  1. Turn on the Audio Mixer on equipment rack (left of computer desk station).
    • Fader Microphone 1 and 2 are for the Mac computer’s audio output to drive the main 2 speakers in front of the room. Adjust these for proper audio level in the room. Make sure the faders are not muted.  Check the button above the faders 1 and 2. (Note: The program fader on the right hand side audio mixer should be set to 50%).
  2. The Microphone in the studio is connected to Fader 3 and may be used to record into Pro-tools program.

Blu-Ray Player Audio and Video

  1. Assuming power is already on in step 1. Turn on the Blu-Ray player in the rack and insert media and press play.
  2. Change the input on the wall TV to HDMI-3, you should now see video.
  3. Adjust the audio level to the main-speakers by the Tape-IN Fader (a little round knob next to the LED meter on the right side of the audio mixer).
  4. The tape-to-main mix button below this fader must be pressed to hear the Blu-Ray thru the sound system speakers.


  1. Turn off Computer.
  2. Turn off Work Surface.
  3. Turn off Wall Monitor.
  4. Turn off Rack.
  5. Master Switch Last. The light should turn red (Note: Green means powered on).

302 BCSB Sound Design Editing Space

How to use the Sound System in 302 BCSB

  1. Make sure you turn on the power switch located behind Computer 1 on left side of room or the power switch behind Computer 4 on right side of room. (Note: The system is set up to handle either Computer 1 or 2 on left side and Computer 3 or 4 on the right side.)
  2. Log into the computer using your HawkID and password. 
  3. The large Sony monitor display in between each pair of computers can only take one input at a time. Use the selector switch to decide which computer system you would like to put on the Sony monitor. (Note: A blue light appears when you activate your choice of either Computer 1 or 2.)
  4. Select the audio source (Computer 1 or Computer 2) on the M-Box Audio Switcher selector box under the Sony monitor. (Note: When you press on your selection for audio source, a green light will appear under the M-Box 1 or M-Box 2 label.)
  5. Select the audio destination on the Rolls Mixer box located on the computer speakers. Adjust volume output levels depending on the destination choices below.
    • Display Speakers (Sony Monitor/Amplifier/M-Box) (Note: Adjust the volume of the Display speakers on the Sony monitor display.)
    • Tapco Speakers (Computer Speakers)
    • Headphones

Please do not unplug audio cables. The remote in the room will power both displays (select Input 1). Please keep the remote in plain view.