Undergraduate Research

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The Department has world-renowned researchers and we strive to integrate our research into our teaching. This also includes engaging students in doing research in Political Science. Students can gain research experience through several different ways.

First, we offer a few classes where students learn and engage in research, including the Hawkeye Poll. In this class, students learn how to conduct and analyze survey research and they help design, conduct, analyze, and write press releases for a survey. Another class is Diplomacy Labs where students work in teams with a professor to research topics provided by the US State Department.

In addition to classes, many students work one on one with a faculty member on a research project. This can be through an ICRU fellowship, an independent study class, or as co-authors on a research paper. Students often present their research on campus or at national conferences and publish it in Political Science journals. 

There are many ways to get started doing research in Political Science. You can consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the professor of a class you are taking.