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Chart your course with research

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Conducting and interpreting research is at the core of our curriculum. We offer several courses that train students in research methods and how to use these skills to conduct original research. Many students also work one-on-one with faculty on research projects and several complete honors theses under the direction of faculty every semester. 

Research Courses
Several courses offer students training in quantitative research methods and applied research skills. Search for these unique offerings and other courses on MyUI.

  • POLI:3001 Hawkeye Poll
    The nationally respected Hawkeye Poll engages students in all aspects of survey research, including survey sampling, question wording, data collection, data analysis, and report preparation and dissemination. View information from recent Hawkeye Poll surveys.
  • POLI:3127 Legislative Policy Seminar (IPRO)
    Students prepare in-depth policy reports on issues important to the Iowa legislature and other state policymakers. Visit the IPRO website for more information.
  • POLI:3160 Solving Policy Problems Through Research
    Policymakers often depend on concise policy briefs to provide them the information they need to make decisions. In this course, students learn the craft of writing these crucial documents.
  • POLI:3525 Iowa Policy and Opinion Lab (IPOL)
    Students in IPOL collaborate to study policymaking and public opinion in Iowa. This includes examining policy choices in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and collecting data on public opinion among Iowans. The data will then be used to answer a variety of research questions. Visit the IPOL website for more information.
  • POLI:3530 Diplomacy Lab
    Students work in teams under the supervision of faculty members on projects for the U.S. Department of State. 

Assisting in Faculty Research
Almost all faculty members are actively engaged in political research on topics ranging from voting behavior to international conflict, and many of these professors engage undergraduates in their work. It is not unusual for professors and students to work side-by-side on projects that include conference presentations or publications. Browse our list of faculty and what research areas they specialize in.

Student-led Research
For students interested in working on an independent project, the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) offers many resources and support. Others may choose to leverage political science alumni connections to land exciting internships with organizations involved in conducting and disseminating research.

How to get started?
If you're interested in pursing a research project, you may contact a faculty instructor directly or contact senior academic advisor, Martha Kirby. Once you're on your path and participating in conferences or presentations, you may qualify for financial assistance from the department.

 Apply for research funding (on ICON) — current majors only