Welcome New Graduate Students for 2019-20!

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welcome 2019 grads
Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 12:45pm

The Department of Political Science welcomes six new graduate students for fall 2019! Pictured from left to right are Willow Kreutzer, Nathan Timbs, Daria Kuznetsova, Haofeng Ma, Jianjun Yu, and Eleanor Willging.

Here is some short info on each grad:

  • Willow Kreutzer - plans to study how conflict affects minorities, especially women. She earned a BA in political science from the University of Kentucky.
  • Nathan Timbs - plans to study the dynamics of civil conflict. He earned a BA in political science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Daria Kuznetsova - plans to study decentralization, post-conflict development, and the empowerment of local governments. She earned an MA in community and regional planning from Iowa State University and a BA and MA in architecture from Kharkiv National University in Ukraine.
  • Haofeng Ma - plans to study authoritarianism, political institutions, and contentious politics in China and other post-communist countries. He earned an MA in political theory from Sun Yat-sen University and a BA in politics from Xiangtan University.
  • Jianjun Yu - plans to study Chinese censorship in Western media and public opinion in East Asia. He earned a MA in comparative politics from the London School of Economics and a BA in law and philosophy from Sun Yat-sen University.
  • Eleanor Willging - plans to study social and education policy and spatial economic inequality in the United States. She earned a BA in history and political science from Saint Xavier University.

New Grads 2019