Prof. Wenfang Tang Retires from University of Iowa

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Monday, July 1, 2019 - 8:15am

Wenfang Tang, chair of the Department of Political Science, has retired from the University of Iowa. He is starting a new position as Director of the Division of Social Sciences at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Wenfang came to the University of Iowa from the University of Pittsburgh 10 years ago, hired as the Stanley Hua Hsia Professor of Political Science and International Studies. During that time, he helped the Department and University achieve several important goals: 1) Wenfang built connections and relationships between the University and schools in China and Asia; 2) Wenfang drew on his expertise on Chinese politics to engage the public on current issues about China and US-Chinese relations. This included talks at the Iowa Foreign Relations Council and public op-eds and blog posts; 3) Wenfang made Iowa a destination to study Chinese politics and developed the next generation of Chinese politics scholars. Former graduate students are now teaching at top American and Chinese Universities, including University of Massachusetts-Boston and Tsinghua University; 4) Wenfang led the Department of Political Science as chair. During his time, the Department experienced growth in majors and enrollment, both online and on-campus. Wenfang also engaged with alumni and encouraged their support.

In addition to these examples, Wenfang helped the University and Department in many other ways. He was a great colleague and mentor and he will be missed as he starts a new adventure in Hong Kong.