Michelle "Mickie" Wiegand Retirement

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Michelle Wiegand Photo
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 10:45am


Mickie Wiegand is retiring at the end of this year after a 43-year career in the Department of Political Science. She began in 1975 as a secretary in the Department office. Less than a year later, she became research secretary in the Department’s Comparative Legislative Research Center, where she administered grants of nearly one million dollars financing research projects in Europe, Africa and Asia. When the Legislative Studies Quarterly became an increasingly important research journal, Mickie became its Manager of Publication. By 1993 the Quarterly was a widely recognized international journal with editors at two dozen universities in the United States and Europe and Mickie was appointed its Managing Editor.

                In the early 1990s, Mickie went back to college, completed her B.A. in Economics and attained an M.B.A. degree at the University. This prepared her well for the rapidly changing technologies and economics of journal publication. Under Mickie’s management, the Quarterly has been a financially self-sustaining publication. When digitalization made possible the worldwide distribution of journals, this greatly expanded the reach of the Quarterly. Mickie explored the advantages of association with a commercial publisher, and on her recommendation, the journal negotiated a publication contract with Wiley-Blackwell. In anticipation of Mickie’s retirement, the journal moved to Washington University in St. Louis.

                Mickie has had an important career in research publication, from her first appointment as a department secretary, through her growing responsibilities in the department, to dealing successfully with fundamental changes in academic publishing. During her long service in the Department, Mickie facilitated the work of several generations of faculty and graduate students at Iowa and contributed significantly to the reputation of the Department in the entire political science profession.

Written by: Gerhard Loewenberg