Lindsey Allemang

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Graduate Instructor
Doctoral Candidate
319 SH
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Research Areas

International Relations
Comparative Politics


Lindsey’s research focuses on the intersection of gender and conflict. Some of her current research projects include examining how the recruitment of female combatants affects civil war duration and outcomes; how competition among rebel groups influences the decision to recruit female combatants; how public opinion toward gender roles exerts pressure on national militaries to allow women to serve in combat roles; and how Western gender norms condition nuclear threat perception. Overall, she is curious about how gender constitutes and is constituted by political violence, and she aims to contribute to the field of international relations a deeper engagement with feminist theorizing. Lindsey graduated summa cum laude from the honors college at Arizona State University, with degrees in political science and global studies and a minor in women & gender studies. She holds an M.A. in political science from the University of Iowa, and she is working to complete the Graduate Certificate in gender, women’s and sexuality studies in addition to her Ph.D. in political science.


University of Iowa, MA in Political Science, 2019
Arizona State University, BA in Political Science, 2018
Arizona State University, BA in Global Studies, 2018


  • University of Iowa, Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2019