Christopher Junk (Hollis)

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Research Assistant
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Research Area

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Methodology

Additional Research Areas

Civil Wars and Terrorism
Elections and Violence
Ethnic Conflict


I enjoy studying conflict at the subnational level. More specifically, I am intrigued by the dynamics between a state and groups competing to share or take power over the state. This can take the form of terrorism, insurgency, or full-blown civil conflict. It can also take the form of electoral success, and I am especially interested in what happens when electoral attempts for success intersect with violent attempts to take political power.


St. Ambrose University, BA in Spanish and International Studies, 2016


  • St. Ambrose University International Studies Student of the Year - 2016
  • St. Ambrose University Language and Modern Culture Student of the Year - 2016


  • Iowa Association of Political Scientists (IAPS) 2014 - The 1998 al Qaeda Attack on US Embassies and the American Approach to Counterterrorism
  • Iowa Association of Political Scientists (IAPS) 2016 - 1978 Camp David Accords: Jimmy Carter's Anti-Soviet Approach to the Arab-Israeli Conflict