Christopher Junk

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Doctoral Candidate
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Research Areas

International Relations
Applied Statistics
Machine Learning


I study subnational conflict, specifically the dynamic relationship between terrorism, insurgency, and the state use of power. I also specialize in the use of advanced applied statistics to study these relationships. My dissertation uses machine learning to predict terrorism occurrence locations, frequency, and lethality across the world.


St. Ambrose University, BA in Spanish and International Studies, 2016


  • Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) 2019 - Democratic Repression: Responding in Kind?
  • Iowa Association of Political Scientists (IAPS) 2016 - 1978 Camp David Accords: Jimmy Carter's Anti-Soviet Approach to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Iowa Association of Political Scientists (IAPS) 2014 - The 1998 al Qaeda Attack on US Embassies and the American Approach to Counterterrorism