Brian Janssen

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Doctoral Candidate

Research Areas

American Politics
Public Policy
Formal Theory


Brian received his BA in political science from Buena Vista University and his MA in political science from Iowa State University. Currently, his fields of study are American politics, quantitative methodology, and formal theory. His current research interests include American institutions, legislatures, bureaucracy, regulation policy, interest groups & rent-seeking, and public choice methods.


Iowa State University, MA, 2013
Buena Vista University, BA, 2011


  • Helen Fairall Scholarship: 2014-present
  • Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship: 2012-present
  • Mercatus Bastiat Fellowship: 2016-2017


  • American Political Science Association (APSA): 2016
  • Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA): 2013, 2016


“Determinants of Salary Dispersion among Political Science Faculty: The Differential Effects of Where You Work (Institutional Characteristics) and What You Do (Negotiate and Publish).” PS: Political Science & Politics 50, no. 1 (2017): 146-156. (with Vicki Hesli Claypool, Dongkyu Kim, and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell)

Dissertation Title

Dynamic Discretion: How Political Competition Affects Bureaucratic Autonomy

Dissertation Chair

Fred J. Boehmke

Dissertation Committee

Cary Covington, Douglas Dion, Caroline Tolbert, Robert McGrath (George Mason University)