The Collaboratory Computer Lab

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The Political Science Collaboratory: "The Collab"

334 Schaeffer Hall

Phone: (319)-335-2458

Office hours: Tuesday: 12:30 - 5:30pm and by appointment.

The Political Science Collaboratory, better known as the Collab, is a computer lab located in 334 Schaeffer Hall. The Collab TA is available to help students with technology that may be required for their homework or research projects. This includes advice on accessing or entering data, doing basic statistical analysis, or working with computers in other ways.

The Collab features 9 computers with a variety of software packages including Stata, Stat/Transfer, RStudio, Anaconda (Python), ArcGIS, TeXnicCenter (LaTeX), and standard Microsoft Office and Adobe products. Other software may be installed by request.

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