Advising for Philosophy Majors

The philosophy department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies is Professor Carrie Figdor. Prof. Figdor handles inquiries about the major, honors in the major, combining the major with study abroad, registration authorization, and other undergraduate-related issues. She can help with any questions. Her email is Her office is EPB 260, and she is available for Zoom office hours by appointment. 

Philosophy majors can meet with any of the following advisors to plan their courses each semester.

Carrie Figdor -- EPB 260 / 335-0093 / 

Richard Fumerton -- EPB 262  /  335-0022  /

Diane Jeske --  EPB 274  /  335-0026  /

Carrie Swanson --  EPB 256  /  335-5313  /


Colleen Kelley is an academic advisor for all Philosophy majors as well and can be contacted at, 172 Schaeffer Hall, 335-2065. 

Advice concerning possible careers and internships for philosophy majors is also available at The career advisor at the Pomerantz center (Suite C310) who is assigned to philosophy majors is Jenny Noyce ( and we encourage students to discuss their career options with her.