Paper Titles

I: Wittgenstein, Moore and Witgenstein’s influence

Thomas Baldwin, University of York, The impact of Wittgenstein’s lectures on G. E. Moore

James Klagge, Virginia Tech, Wittgenstein and His Students: 1930-1933

Gabriel Citron, Yale University, Wittgenstein on Moore and the “Philosophical Virtues”

David Stern, University of Iowa, Moore on Wittgenstein on Grammar

II: Wittgenstein on Tractarian Analysis

Thomas Ricketts, University of Pittsburgh, The Color-exclusion objection

Brian Rogers, Stanford University, Generality in Wittgenstein’s 1930-1933 Cambridge Lectures

Mauro Engelmann, Federal University of Minas Gerais, The adaptation of the Tractatus in the Context of Wittgenstein’s Lectures, 1930-1931

João Vergílio Gallerani Cuter, University of São Paulo, The harmony between thought and reality

III: The development of Wittgenstein’s philosophy

Alois Pichler, University of Bergen, The relationship between an anthropological approach to language and the conception of language as a calculus in Wittgenstein’s 1930-1933 lectures

Hans Sluga, UC Berkeley, From Moore's Notes to Wittgenstein's Blue Book

IV: Philosophy of Mathematics

Warren Goldfarb, Harvard University, Moore's Lecture Notes and Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy of Mathematics

Gregory Landini, University of Iowa, New Hopes for a Tractarian Analysis of Number

Juliet Floyd, Boston University, Wittgenstein on mathematics in the 1930s: Moore's Cambridge notes

Mathieu Marion, Université du Québec à Montréal, Moore's Lecture Notes and Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy of Mathematics

V: Philosophy of Mind: Wittgenstein’s Lent 1933 Lectures

Volker A. Munz, Alpen-Adria-University, Rules and the Mental

William Child, Oxford University, “I have toothache” and “He has toothache”: Wittgenstein on Sensation Language, February-March 1933

Richard Fumerton, University of Iowa, Wittgenstein on Memory

VI: Aesthetics and Religion: Wittgenstein’s May 1933 Lectures

Hanne Appelqvist, University of Helsinki, What Kind of Necessity is the Necessity of Grammar?

Joachim Schulte, University of Zurich, Wittgenstein’s remarks on aesthetics and their context: May 1933

Anat Biletzki, Quinnipiac University and Tel-Aviv University, “Now: use of such a word as ‘God’”