Departmental Statement on Recent Events

June 9, 2020

Dear Students,

In light of recent events and the history that undergirds them, the faculty of the Iowa Philosophy Department affirm our unequivocal rejection and condemnation of racist violence and racist expressions and behaviors of any kind. We live in a context in which the behaviors of others have a direct impact on what is possible for us – in terms of how we are received and how we are able to circulate in social, business, medical, educational, housing, legal, law enforcement, and other interactional settings. Accordingly, a concern for the well-being and freedom of others is at the same time a recognition of the need to identify racist expressions and behaviors and a recognition of the need to oppose them. The Iowa Philosophy Department re-dedicates itself to eliminating the obstacles that stand in the way of students, staff, and faculty of color. We also recognize that statements are not as powerful as actions, and we commit ourselves to taking concrete steps toward creating an environment that is genuinely inclusive. You, our students, are the main reason we are here. We thank you for challenging us always, and joining us in addressing these obstacles openly and directly, in the classroom, the hallways, and elsewhere in our community.

The Faculty of Iowa Philosophy