October 29, 2021 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
via Zoom- details available later

Ram Neta, UNC Chapel Hill

"Being Your Own Philosopher" 


In his book 1929 Mind and the World Order, C.I. Lewis wrote:  "It is… a distinguishing character of philosophy that it is everybody’s business. The man who is his own lawyer or physician will be poorly served; but everyone both can and must be his own philosopher." What does it mean for a person to be their own philosopher? How is it possible for someone to be their own philosopher? And why would it even be a good thing for everyone to be their own philosopher? Why shouldn't we defer to experts in philosophy, in the same way that we do in law or medicine? And if we shouldn't, then why should there be teachers of philosophy?  What does it mean to teach philosophy, if not to impart some portion of one's philosophical expertise to one's students?

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