Students sitting in the classroom.

Lecture Series: The department sponsors several visiting lecturers every year. Among those who have come to Iowa in recent years are Stephen Darwall, Ronald Dworkin, Lorne Falkenstein, Jerry Fodor, Harry Frankfurt, Michael Friedman, Don Garrett, Jorge Gracia, Susan Haack, Sally Haslanger, Jaakko Hintikaa, Peter Klein, Christine Korsgaard, Penelope Maddy, John McDowell, Ruth Millikan, Geoffrey Sayre-Mccord, Tom Scanlon, Quentin Smith, Barry Stroud, James Van Cleve, Peter van Inwagen, and Jeremy Waldron.

Facilities: Fellows' and assistants' offices, together with faculty offices and seminar rooms, are located in the English-Philosophy Building on the Iowa River and next to the Main Library. The library's holdings are excellent in all main areas of philosophy with the collection in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century philosophy considered one of the best in the country.