Timothy Sommers

Brown University, 1993 Masters Degree; All-University Fellow 1991-1994
251 English Philosophy Building
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Monday 2:30-3:30 Wednesday 2:45-3:45
Friday 1:30-2:30


"The Right Critique of Ideality: Modeling, Ideal Theory, and the Behavioral Asymmetry Objection", Central APA, 2020 (forthcoming)

“The Institutional Support Trap for Fair Equality of Opportunity,” Central APA, 2019

“Self-Ownership or Basic Liberties?” Eastern APA, 2019

“The Disappearing Salience of Violence in a General Theory of Political Action”, Graduate Student Conference, Loyola University of Chicago, Fall 2017

“Rawls and Minority Culture, A Reply to Graham”, Eastern APA, 1995. 

“Debate as Teaching Tool in Business Ethics” with James Roper, In the Socratic Tradition: Essays on Teaching Philosophy, Rowan & Littlefield, 1998, pp. 91-103.

3 Quarks Daily (Science Arts Philosophy Politics Literature) 


Monthly Columns:

"Rawls and Neoliberalism", October, 2019

"John Rawls, Philosopher", September 2019

"Either you don't know anything or most of what you believe is true", August, 2012

"Is Ethics all about Consequences?", July 2019

"What if Equal Opportunity is a Bad Idea?", June 2019

“’Ontological Relativity’ Turns 50”, forthcoming May, 2019

“The New Storytelling”, April, 2019

“SuperWorld”, March, 2019

“Here goes Everything”, February, 2019

“You Can’t Possibly Believe That,” January, 2019

“12 Angry Men, Juries and Democracy” December, 2018

“What’s with all the Zombies?” November, 2018

“Would it be Better if there were more of You?” October, 2018

“Should We Own Ourselves?” September, 2018.

“Two Sources of Objectivity in Ethics”, August, 2018.