Laura Brown

Laura Brown
251 EPB
Office Hours: 
Monday 10:30-11:45 Wednesday 11:15-12:00
Friday 10:30-11:30

Areas of Interest

My interests are mostly in value theory. I do a lot of work in social and political philosophy, critical race theory, queer theory, and feminist philosophy. Some of my current interests overlap with philosophy of science, epistemology, and philosophy of language. Recently, I completed a graduate certificate in Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies. I am now a candidate for the graduate certificate in African-American Studies. My main focus, now that I am ABD, is writing my dissertation. A hot debate in political philosophy is between “ideal” and “non-ideal” theory. While others with my social justice commitments tend to be drawn to non-ideal theory, my dissertation explores how ideal theory can aid in liberatory struggles. 

Equally important to my philosophical interests is my desire to diversify our woefully homogenous discipline. One of the ways that I do this is through the Iowa Lyceum, our free, weeklong high school program. A recent Obermann fellow, I have plans to expand the Lyceum beyond a week and engage with the Iowa City community more. Another way that I strive to diversify our discipline is through my involvement with Minorities and Philosophy, a new group that brings together underrepresented people in our discipline to discuss ideas that are often underexplored in philosophy courses.