Laird Addis

Laird Addis
Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus



B.A.    The University of Iowa, 1959                 Music and Philosophy

M.A.   Brown University, 1960                           Philosophy

Ph.D.  The University of Iowa, 1964                 Philosophy



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      2014  --Consciousness and Intentionality.  Metaphysica: International Journal for

                    Ontology and Metaphysics, 15/2/299-312.


in Canada, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United States, and Wales


            Teaching Assistant, the University of Iowa, 1960-63

            Instructor, The University of Iowa, 1963-64

            Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa, 1964-1968

            Associate Professor, The University of Iowa, 1968-1974

            Professor, The University of Iowa, 1974-2004

            Professor Emeritus, The University of Iowa, 2004-

            Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, 1977-85

            Acting Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, 1968, 1993

            Director of Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy, 1985-88

            Director of Graduate Studies in Philosophy, 1988-95

            Director of Lectures and Arrangements in Philosophy, 1995-2001



                        Committee on Student Life (one three-year term)

                        Faculty Senate (two three-year terms, one two-year term)

                        Faculty Council  (two three-year terms)

                        Vice-President, Faculty Senate (two one-year terms)

                        Faculty Welfare Committee (one three-year term, chairman one year)

                        Faculty Senate Committee to Review the Judicial Commission’s Operations

                                    and Experience (chairman)

                        President’s Task Force on the Relationship of Charitable Organizations to

                                    the University (co-chairman)

                        Editorial Review Board of the University of Iowa Press (one two-year term)

                        President’s Committee on Appropriate Uses of the University (chairman)

                        Humanities Task Force

                        Committee on Diversity in Strategic Planning

                        President’s Advisory Committee on a Center for Advanced Study

                        Search Committee for Affirmative Action Director

                        Faculty Scholar Award Advisory Committee

                        Review Committee for Old Gold and Semester Assignments


                        Review Committee for the School of Music

                        Review Committee for the Department of Sociology (chairman)

                        Executive Committee (three three-year terms)

                        Educational Policy Committee (one three-year term)

                        Faculty Assembly (two three-year terms)

                        Search Committee for the Dean of the College (chairman)

                        Dean’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure (one two-year term)

                        Search Committee for Director of the School of Music

                        Review Committee for Old Gold and Semester Assignments

                        Faculty Advisor, Phi Beta Kappa (eight years)

                        Numerous Ph.D. and DMA Committees in other departments (135 in Music)


                        Reviewer, Proposals to National Endowment for the Humanities

                        Reviewer, Proposals to American Council of Learned Societies

                        Reviewer, Proposal to an Italian Research Grant Agency

                        Reviewer, Book manuscripts for University of Minnesota Press, Schocken

                                    Books, Martinus Nijhoff, Cornell University Press, MIT Press

                        Reviewer, Papers for The Journal of the History of Philosophy, Philosophy of

                                    Science, Synthese, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Journal

                                    of Philosophical Research, Musicae Scientia, Metaphysica, Australasian

                                    Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science Association, American

                                    Philosophical Association,and others

                        Editorial Board, Metaphysica: International Journal for Ontology and


                        Scientific Committee: Colloquium Philosophicum

                        Consultant for Promotion:  University of Chicago, University of Minnesota,

                                    SUNY at Buffalo, Iowa State University, University of Toronto

                        Organizer of annual meetings of the Ontology Discussion Group, 1974-1981

                        Member, National Screening Committee for France, Institute of International

                                    Education (Fulbright-Hays Program)  (one three-year term)

                        Chair of numerous sessions at professional meetings

                        Organizer of international conference on Gustav Bergmann, 2006


            Phi Beta Kappa

            Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1959-60

            Senior Fulbright Lecturer, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 1970-71

            Old Gold Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, 1971

            Faculty Development Research Leaves, 1981, 1988, 1994, 2000

            Senior Faculty Fellowship in the Humanities, 1986

            Andrew W. Mellon Emeritus Faculty Fellowship, 2008-2011

            Nominee, Outstanding Teacher Award

            Nominee, Outstanding Service Award

            Nominee, Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Award

            Who’s Who in America


            American Philosophical Association

            Philosophy of Science Association

            The American Society for Aesthetics

            The International Society for Aesthetics

            Society of Humanist Philosophers

            The Leibniz Society

            North American Nietzsche Society

            Institute “Vienna Circle”

            Iowa Philosophical Society


            Silvano Miracchi, Russell, Negative Facts, and Ontology, 1972

            Theodore Spencer, The Problem of Individuation, 1975

            Charles List, Propositions and the Nature of Thought, 1979

            Raymond Woller, Science and Metaphysics: Harre’s Philosophy of Science, 1979

            Richard Combes, A Defense of the Manifest Image: Essays in the Philosophy of

                        Mind, 1985

            James Brudvig, Events, Parallelism, and Causation, 1986

            Matthew Arant, A Theory of Literary Interpretation: The Problem of Intentionalism,


            David Schenk, The Nature of Time: Tense, Indexicals, and Phenomenology, 2003

                        (co-director with Evan Fales)

            Peter Bezanson, Idealism: A Brief History, Taxonomy, and Nietzschean Evaluation,

                        2005  (co-director with David Cunning)

            Thomas Riley, Perdurance and Foundation: An Husserlian Theory of Identity Through

                        Time, 2006  (co-director with Evan Fales)

            Greg Jesson, The Ontology of the Epistemic Act: An Explication of Intentionality and

                        the Possiblity of Epistomological Realism, 2009  (co-director with Gregory