Katarina Perovic

Assistant Professor
PhD, University of London, King's College London, 2009
270 English-Philosophy Building
Office Hours: 
Wednesday and Thursday 2:00-3:30

Research interests: metaphysics, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of language

Dr. Perovic's main research and teaching interests are in metaphysics, the history of analytic philosophy, and philosophy of language. Her current work focuses on the metaphysics of properties and relations, philosophy of time, and Russell. She is also interested in philosophy of mind, modern philosophy, and feminism. 

Selected Publications: 


- Perovic, K. (2016). "Mapping The Understanding Complex in Russell’s Theory of Knowledge". Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies 36 (2): 101-127.

- Perovic, K. (2016). “A Neo-Armstrongian Defense of States of Affairs: A Reply to Vallicella”. Metaphysica, 17 (2): 143-161.

- Perovic, K. (2016). "Bare Particulars Laid Bare". Acta Analytica. doi:10.1007/s12136-016-0308-x

- Perovic, K. (2015) “The Importance of Russell’s regress argument for Universals”. In B.Linsky and D.Wishon ed. Acquaintance, Knowledge and Logic: New Essays on Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy, CSLI press.

- Perovic, K. (2014). “The Import of The Original Bradley’s Regress(es)”. Axiomathes 24 (3): 375-394. 


- Perovic, K. (2016).  "The Logical Structure of Kinds, by Eric Funkhouser". Analysis. doi:10.1093/analys/anw063 

- Perovic, K. (2012). “Review of John Collins’ The Unity of Linguistic Meaning”. Notre Dame Phiosophical Reviews. 


Work in Progress: 

- Perovic, K. "Fourdimensionalism and Temporally Extended Properties", under review.

- Perovic, K. "Bradley's Regress", commissioned by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

- Perovic, K. "Can We be Positive about Russell's Negative Facts?", in progress.

- Perovic, K. "Accounting for Resemblance Between Universals", in progress.

- Perovic, K. and Elkind, L. "Three Versions of the Growing Block Theory of Time", in progress.