Jan Forsman

PhD, Tampere University, Finland, 2021
572 English Philosophy Building
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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00-2:00
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Website: https://philpeople.org/profiles/jan-forsman

My work focuses on epistemology and metaphysics in early modern philosophy, particularly in skepticism and theories of free will. My PhD was on Descartes’s skepticism in the Meditations, and I have published articles on skepticism and will in Descartes’s philosophy. Currently I have a joint article in peer-review on Émilie Du Châtelet’s account of freedom (with Senior Lecturer Jani Hakkarainen, Tampere University) and I am working on articles on Descartes, Teresa of Ávila, and Margaret Cavendish.  My current postdoc project at the University of Iowa considers the influence women philosophers have had on skeptical discussions in the early modern period. Related to this project, I will also write about Marie de Gournay and Mary Shepherd in the near future.