E.J. Rogers

EJ Rogers
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My primary philosophical interests are mostly in Metaphysics, especially the Philosophy of Time. I am deeply interested in the question of to what extent the metaphysics of time ought to be beholden to the best current science, and vice versa. I've done work that explores whether or not our experiences of time can tell us anything philosophically relevant. I've also done some work on understanding historical views of time, specifically (so far) the views of Margaret Cavendish and Ludwig Wittgenstein. 

My other long-term research interests include the philosophy of Indian religions, the problem of negative existential claims, the notion of ineffability, the ontology of numbers, the history of philosophy of science, developing panpsychism as a research program, and modal logic generally.

When I'm not doing philosophy, I'm busy reading, writing poetry, playing D&D, doing genealogy, making music, and studying human anatomy.