Other Outreach

The Philosophy Department also invites all campus and community members to participate in our regular colloquium series.  

We host a number of talks every year, including the Bergmann Lecture, the Hall Lecture, and the Sievert Lecture, each followed by a departmental reception.   Recent speakers include Timothy Williamson (Oxford), Elizabeth Anderson (Michigan), Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers), Louise Antony (UMass Amherst), Larry May (Vanderbilt), Laurie Paul (North Carolina Chapel Hill), Sally Haslanger (MIT), Earl Conee (Rochester), Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern), Tim Scanlon (Harvard), Don Garrett (NYU), and Barry Stroud (Berkeley).  The department also holds pre-colloquium meetings to explore each paper topic in advance.  

Speakers for spring 2017 include Susan Brison (Dartmouth), Michael Huemer (U. Colorado), Brian Leiter (U. Chicago), and Lynne Rudder Baker (UMass Amherst).

We also host a number of impromptu talks and events sponsored by UI philosophy faculty. 

For a list of upcoming events, please see here.