UI Graduate Philosophical Society



President: Dave Redmond
Vice President: Nik Maggos
Colloquium Master: Hyungrae Noh



If you wish to join the UIGPS, you may petition for membership by submitting the required form and submitting dues. The membership form can be found here. The dues are five dollars per semester.

Mail the completed form and dues to:

              UIGPS Treasurer
              Philosophy Department
              English Philosophy Building
              Iowa City, IA 52242


UIGPS Conferences

Fall 2016 Conference:
Keynote: Garret Merriam, University of Southern Indiana
November 12, 2016: Schedule

Spring 2016 Conference:
Keynote: John Heil, Washington University
April 9, 2016: Schedule

Fall 2015 Conference:
Keynote: John Bengson, University of Wisconsin Madison
December 5, 2015: Schedule

Spring 2015 Conference:
Keynote: Timothy Williamson, Oxford University
April 18, 2015: Schedule

Fall 2014 Conference:
Keynote: Meghan Sullivan, University of Notre Dame
December 6, 2014: Schedule

Spring 2014 Conference:
Keynote: Elliott Sober, University of Wisconsin Madison
April 5, 2014: Schedule

Fall 2013 Conference:
Keynote: Sarah Paul, University of Wisconsin Madison
November 16, 2013: Schedule

Spring 2012 Conference:
Keynote: Russell Jones, Harvard University
March 31, 2012: Schedule

Fall 2012 Conference:
Keynote: David Alexander, Iowa State University
December 1, 2012: Schedule

Spring 2011 Conference:
Keynote: Crispin Wright, New York University
March 25, 2011: Schedule

Fall 2010 Conference:
Keynote: Martin Roth, Drake University
December 4, 2010: Schedule

Spring 2010 Conference:
Keynote: Michael Bergmann, Purdue University
April 9-10, 2010: Schedule

Fall 2009 Conference:
Keynote: Marc Alspector-Kelly, Western Michigan University
December 5, 2009: Schedule

Spring 2009 Conference:
Keynote: Matt McGrath, University of Missouri, Columbia
April 10-11, 2009: Schedule

Fall 2008 Conference:
Keynote: Tadd Ruetenik, Saint Ambrose University
November 1, 2008: Schedule

Spring 2008 Conference:
Keynote: Al Casullo, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
March 28, 2008: Schedule

Spring 2007 Conference:
Keynote: Tomis Kapitan, Northern Illinois University
April 27-28, 2007: Schedule

Fall 2006 Conference:
Keynote: John Lemos, Coe College
December 2, 2006: Schedule

Spring 2006 Conference:
Keynote: Francesco Orilla, University of Macereta, Italy
April 14-15, 2006: Schedule

Fall 2005 Conference:
Keynote: Annemarie Peil, Iowa State University
November 12, 2005: Schedule

Spring 2005 Conference:
Keynote: Kenneth Williford, Saint Cloud State University
May 6-7, 2005: Schedule

Fall 2004 Conference:
Keynote: James John, University of Iowa
November 6, 2004: Schedule

Spring 2004 Conference:
Keynote: Andrew Newman, University of Nebraska, Omaha
May, 2004.