Online Learning Development Funding For Faculty

Applications are being solicited for development funding related to online learning, including fully online courses, hybrid courses containing both online and in-person components, or online components intended to enhance learning in on campus courses. Compensation will be based on overall effort and complexity of the project.  Proposals for this fiscal year must be submitted no later than November 1, 2018. Faculty who develop courses will be required to work with an instructional designer at Distance and Online Education.

Initial Steps

  • Discuss with your DEO to ensure proposals meet departmental curricular needs and objectives. Your DEO should approve how the course fits into your teaching responsibilities.
  • Plan at least 6 months in advance of offering the course for its design and development.

Criteria for evaluating proposals for funding

Proposals for on-line courses are likely to receive priority for funding if they meet one of these criteria:

  • enhance existing online degrees or contribute to creating an online degree or certificate
  • alleviate waitlisted on-campus courses
  • attract nontraditional off-campus students or professionals from outside the university
  • fulfills specific academic requirements

Proposals for redesigning courses by making them hybrid/flipped or by adding modules to assist students with difficult material are likely to be funded if they meet one of these criteria:

  • gateway courses that have a high DFW rates
  • courses that currently are lecture format but lend themselves to small group, interactive learning

Proposals will include a description of the planned or redesigned course and, if new, an explanation of how the course fits into the curriculum.

Submit your proposal

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