Community Development

The NRCFCP has a rich history of working with communities to affect positive change. Most commonly we work with communities in Iowa and throughout the greater Midwest, however we have partnered with numerous communities from across the country.

Projects in this area have ranged from explorations of local capacity/needs assessments to evaluations of community-led initiatives. Current community development projects we are working on include the development of evaluation instruments for the alleviation of a grocery desert in Des Moines.  

An example of our work in the area of community development is described below. 

The Impact of Home Energy Assistance

People Working Cooperatively (PWC, Cincinnati, Ohio) began as an experiment in 2010 to help families facing multiple energy, economic, and family challenges and to answer the question: "can PWC's whole house services have a greater and longer term impact than low income energy-efficiency assistance alone?" The NRC conducted an evaluation of PWC efforts and measured the effects of the program on important life areas including housing, energy security, health, employment, and overall...

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