Five great spaces for CLAS students to study on campus

If you’re looking for a place to study, be sure to check out some of these spaces that are home to programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Friday, November 18, 2022

By Emily Delgado 

With finals fast approaching, you might be looking for a new place to study. There are several great spots in buildings that house College of Liberal Arts and Sciences programs.

All University of Iowa students are welcome to study in these spaces. You do not need to be a major or enrolled in that area.   

Adler Journalism Building Rotunda  

Located on the first floor of the Adler Journalism Building, the rotunda is a great spot for a student who prefers a little background activity while studying. The round room is lined with TVs displaying local, state, and national news. At night, you’ll see the glow from the public artwork iacto, which illuminates headlines on the building at night.  

Art Building West  

Art is in the name of this building—and it shows. Art Building West features unique architecture and is bursting with artwork inside and outside the building. The space features a turquoise lagoon-like pond where students gather to study outside. Its library also stretches over the water, offering a naturally lit, unique space for students to study with a high, scenic view.  

Neon Pods at the Chemistry Building 

Looking for a quiet spot on the East Side of campus? Look no further than the neon pods in the Chemistry Building. This is the perfect spot for intense studying. The silence and minimal distractions provide the a great environment for productivity.  

Psychological and Brain Sciences Building 

One of the newer buildings on campus, the Psychology and Brain Sciences Building opened in 2020. This space features a beautiful glass and mosaic artwork called The Brain in the Mirror and lots of natural light. This building is in the heart of downtown Iowa City, located near coffee shops and restaurants. 

Voxman Music Building  

It is no secret that Voxman Music Building is one of the most beautiful looking [and sounding] spaces on campus. It houses everything an aspiring musician would need, but also hidden on the third floor is a gorgeous outdoor space perfect for studying in the sunshine, when the weather allows. The Dune Family Terrace overlooks the historic Johnson County Courthouse and has a unique birds-eye view of the city. 

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