Chemistry Department's Shared Research Instrumentation Facility makes research instruments available

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Iowa has been developing and growing its Shared Research Instrumentation Facility. The facility contains a broad range of instruments for your research applications at an hourly or per sample rate. These instruments currently include:

  • Combustion Elemental Analysis (Exeter Analytical) (currently set up for CHN analysis, but if a large number of samples is submitted, can measure O and CSN) 
  • Wyatt Multi-angle light scattering apparatus (Dawn Heleos II and TREX) for particle size determination
  • nCS1 nanoparticle size analyzer (Spectradyne)
  • iTC 200 Isothermal Titration Calorimeter (Malverne/GE) 
  • Cary UV-Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer
  • Nanodrop OneC UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer (Olis) 
  • Atomic Force Microscope (asylum research) Analytical microbalances

If you believe these instruments would be helpful in your research endeavors, please contact Phil Pagano with any questions pertaining to training, instrument capabilities, or scheduling. Users from outside of the UI are accepted as well, at an adjusted rate. For more information on instrumentation and rates, please visit the facility website.

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