Current courses can be viewed here (enter 'NAIS' for Course Subject).

NAIS course requirements for the undergraduate certificate, undergraduate minor, and graduate certificate programs are listed on the Certificate Requirements page. 

Note that each program of study (undergraduate certificate, undergraduate minor, graduate certificate) involves different required courses and rules about which courses can count as electives. Elective courses for each program can also be selected from outside of NAIS, from an approved list of "Associated Courses."

For current NAIS COURSES see the NAIS section of the UI General Catalog (click here)                               
ASSOCIATED COURSES in other departments and programs

As electives, NAIS will also accept courses from an approved list that are not NAIS courses but that are concerned in part with American Indians. For a current list, see the NAIS section of the UI General Catalog.

New course for Fall 2018: Indigenous Peoples, Environments, and Health (GHS:3720)