Certificate in NAIS

A certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies enriches an undergraduate or graduate liberal arts degree by exposing students to North American tribal histories and cultures that are otherwise ignored in mainstream elementary, high school and college curricula. The courses required for the certificate help broaden the scope of students' understanding of United States history, with special reference to Native Americans' role in its founding, economy, Indian-white relations, and contemporary society. They also serve to make students aware of opportunities for further study and concentration in areas such as history, literature and the arts.

The certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies effectively complements degrees in professional areas such as social work, the law, education and public health, and better prepares graduates in those area to understand and address issues related to the American Indian people they will serve.

Native American and Indigenous Studies, as a whole, provides an opportunity for non-Native students to become acquainted with members of various Native tribal communities which they might not otherwise experience. It also offers Native students a chance to enhance their knowledge and understanding of broad themes in the history and study of Native North America beyond their own tribal histories. The study of federal Indian law and policy, especially, will enlarge their understanding of their respective tribes' legal and political relations with the United States government.