Remote Session Service Description

Remote Session Servers

The CLAS Linux Group of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences provides a group of servers named as remote session servers. These servers are a shared resource for all CLAS Linux users. Please do not run computationally intense jobs on these servers. The servers currently limit users to a maximum of 256 processes per user, 500 minutes of cpu time per process, and a maximum of 8gb of memory per user. Please read the "Message of the Day" window when you log in for the current limits.

Text Environment

The remote session servers offer remote text sessions via the SSH protocol. CLAS Linux account holders can login to the servers via any SSH client software on any platform.

Remote Desktop Environment

The CLAS Linux Group provides FastX a graphical Linux desktop environment remotely accessible in your web browser (no client software installation required). It can be accessed on the Internet.

Remote Session Policy

General Policy for Service Provided by CLAS Linux Group: Remote Access

Remote Session Help

Remote Linux Environment Help