Windows Network Shares (CIFS) Service Description

CLAS Linux workstations will attempt to automatically mount various Windows network shares tied to your HawkID when you first access them. 

There is no sane mapping between permissions in UNIX/Linux and Windows so all files will appear to be owned by the user and permissions will be hardcoded to 0700. These network shares will be mounted under /mnt/cifs/ according to the following table:

Network Shares mount points
Service Mount Point Notes
Argon /mnt/cifs/argon/<HAWKID> Mounted on first access (ls or cd)
RDSS /mnt/cifs/rdss/rdss_<HAWKID> Mounted on first access (ls or cd)
H Drive* /mnt/cifs/home/<HAWKID> Mounted on first access (ls or cd)
CLAS Departmental /mnt/cifs/clas/departmental Mounted on first access (ls or cd)
CLAS General /mnt/cifs/clas/generaluse Mounted on first access (ls or cd)

*=Managed desktop Windows users... the "desktop, documents, pictures" folders are automatically redirected to your OneDrive account and may be out of sync if you made changes to these folders on your H: drive vs in the OneDrive copies of these folders.  Please access the redirected folders and your OneDrive files at and do not modify files in these redirected folders on Linux to avoid confusion.  There is currently no native Linux OneDrive client.

There are many reasons you might not see one or more of the above shares:

  • You do not have access to the share or service.
  • You have access to the service using another users share.
  • Your RDSS account is configured for NFS access.
  • Your kerberos (network login) ticket has expired.  Run kinit from the command line to get a new ticket!