Version Control Policy

Owner Responsibilities

Each repository will have an owner. The owner of the repository will be responsible for making decisions about access and will be responsible for over-quota issues.


User access is determined by the repository owner; changes can be made by the repository owner. The CLAS Linux Group will also adjust permissions upon request by the repository owner. For users that do not have a HawkID, the repository owner can create accounts within the repository. The owner must assign secure passphrases to such accounts. Each repository owner must conform to the username standards of The University of Iowa. Most importantly, non-HawkID usernames must have an underscore (_) as part of the username.


Each repository's quota will be determined when the repository is created. If the repository exceeds the quota, more quota can be purchased. If purchasing is not an option, a backup of the repository will be made and the repository will be recreated with no contents. The backup copy of the repository will be given to the repository owner.

If the repository is for research purposes, there will be a fee of $0.50/month/Gig of quota. Use for teaching is funded through the college, but may be limited to the amount of available storage. Students may request a repository for course use. Student-requested repositories will be deleted at the end of the semester. Students may also request a repository for general educational use (e.g., for a thesis or dissertation), which will be limited to 20MB.


A full backup of the repository is made nightly if any changes have been made to the repository and follow the normal retention policy defined in our Standard Backups Policy.  A tar/bzip2 file is available to the repository owner.