Power Management Policy

Linux Student Laboratory Shutdown Policy

The bigjobs machines and sas.stat.uiowa.edu are never shut down.
The machines in 346 Schaeffer Hall will turn on at 7:00 am daily.
The machines in B5 and 301 Maclean Hall will turn on at 7:00 am daily.

Managed Linux Workstation Shutdown Policy

Users of managed Linux workstations are encouraged to shutdown their machines when they are not in use, or when leaving for the day. Send email to request@divms.uiowa.edu if you'd like your Linux workstation to automatically shut down if you're not logged in and power it on in the morning. Otherwise, just use the System > Shut Down menu pick to power off your machine.  Please never unplug the network cable from the workstation whether or not it is powered on.  We routinely remote wake the workstations for patching and for other maintenance work.