Wireless Access for Linux Help

NOTE: The CLAS Linux Group has provided these instructions as a courtesy to campus Linux users. See UI Wireless - eduroam Support or contact the ITS Help Desk for additional information.

Check the Requirements

  • You must have a valid HawkID.
  • Your laptop must have a wireless interface--either built-in or on a card--that conforms with the wireless client requirements listed on the page About the UI Wireless Service of the Information Technology Services (ITS) site.
  • Any drivers necessary for your laptop's wireless interface must be installed. The drivers must provide support for WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access).


To configure eduroam on your Linux (or other OS device), download and run the eduroam installer tool from cat.eduroam.org  Select the "University of Iowa" installer (which is a python script) and download it to your Linux system.  Run the python installer script as follows

% python3 ./eduroam-linux-UoI.py

When prompted to "Add a new entry", use your "hawkid@uiowa.edu".  You'll be prompted for your hawkid password (twice).  At this point, your wireless connection to eduroam should be configured and working.