Web and Database Development Environment Tutorial


webdev.cs.uiowa.edu is a web server that can run and serve perl scripts, php scripts, python scripts and java servlets in addition to standard html. In this tutorial, we'll create a simple html file as well as simple perl, php, python, and jsp files (NOTE: not all accounts will be configured for jsp). We'll then link them into the simple html file.

Mysql/psql username/password: A separate username/password has been randomly created for your mysql/psql database. DO NOT change your randomly generated password to your HawkID password. Keep them separate as this is a web development/learning platform and your db password may be exposed over the network or other places in clear text with out encryption.

Get an ssh client and log in

The first step is to log in to a managed linux workstation. You can sit at a Linux computer in one of the labs or log in via ssh or access via FastX.

Go to your web development directory and look around

After you've successfully logged in to a linux workstation, you can open a terminal or the file browser. You'll need to get to /webdev/user/<divmsid>.

Go to Places > Computer. Select File System on the left. Scroll down and double-click on "webdev." Double-click on "user", find your username and double-click on that.

In a terminal, type:

cd /webdev/user/<divmsid>

By default, there is a single html file as well as a few directories. To see them, type the ls command:


It should look like the following:

[username@l-lnx101 username]$ ls
error_log  examples  index.html  mysql_db_info  psql_db_info  tomcat7  ssl_error_log

To see the contents of the examples directory, type:

ls examples

You should see something like:

[username@l-lnx101 username]$ ls examples
databaseClass.pl  data.db  sample_mysql.php  sample_mysql.py  sample_psql.php  sample_psql.py  temp.txt

HTML Example
JSP/Servlet Example
Perl Example
PHP Example
Python Example

I was working on my files on a computer that isn't managed by the CLAS Linux Group team, how do I copy them so the webdev.cs.uiowa.edu server can see them?

You can use any program that can use SCP/SFTP/SSH2 to transfer files. Log in to a managed linux workstation and browse to /webdev/user/<divmsid>.

From on campus, you can use your SCP/SFTP client to log in directly to a linux workstation and then change to the /webdev/user/<divmsid> directory and then transfer your files.

If you are off campus, you'll need to use your SCP/SFTP client to log in to linux.divms.uiowa.edu, change to /webdev/user/<divmsid> and then transfer your files.