Personal Web Quota

Default Personal Web Quotas

This table shows the default personal web quotas:

Default Personal Web Quotas
Group Warning Level Web Quota
Faculty and Staff 3.7 GB 4 GB
Graduate Students 3.7 GB 4 GB
Everyone Else 3.7 GB 4 GB

What Personal Web Quota Includes

Quota on the web server includes anything in and under your personal web directory or folder. It does not include anything in your account's home directory.

Stay Under Personal Web Quota!

Please keep your personal web disk usage under your quota. If your personal web disk usage goes over your personal web quota, you may lose web files that you try to edit or replace. In Linux, you can view your quota by using the command quota -s -w. The entry for the filesystem displays your personal web quota. In Microsoft Windows, you can right click on the drive letter for your personal web directory and select Properties to view your hard quota.

How to Reduce Personal Web Disk Usage

To reduce your personal web disk usage, delete files and directories or folders in and under your personal web directory.